Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Phootean ... Ballman

With the reorganisation of the Linux Outlaws forum, I've linked my contribution to the Ballman thread here:

as Dr. Evilball and MiniBall

as Darth Ball

as Windows 7 (of 9)

as Ernst Stavro Bloball

as Hanni-ball the Canni-ball

"No Mr Torvalds, I expect you to die!"

as Gene Simmons

as Jean Simmon (as Varinia)

"I ate Novell with some fava bean and a nice chianti: Thu! Thu! Thu!"

If Steve had never met Bill ...

If Steve had never met Bill ... meet Capt'n Sweatpants

The Ballfather will make you an offer you won't understand

A masterpiece of modern horror: The Fleecing

Pretty Awful

The Ballman and the monster in Young Frankenstein ...
Are they perchance related? I think we should be told.

No longer any doubt: They have the same mole!

Grand-mère, de grandes dents que vous avez!